There are several websites and sources out there that promote the idea of making a quick fortune with affiliate marketing. The truth is, you can make money with affiliate marketing, but it takes a lot of effort and you will need a little luck along the way.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is putting someone ads for someone or a product, on your website or blog. That company will pay you for sales they make that were referred by your site or blog. Some pay if the customer clicks but does not buy, but the better-paying ones pay only when a sale is made.

This all sounds rather straightforward and easy. In some ways it is, but often people do not see immediate results and get tired and quit. You also have to have a site or blog that people want to see. There are millions of sites out there, so you have to give people a reason to visit your site, and that does not even guarantee they will click on your affiliate ads.

Still, it is possible to make money if you persevere and put in the effort to make it happen. Most experts say you need to have a niche, which makes sense. Most people are looking for specific information, and if your niche fits that area, then you will have a better chance. Even so, being in a niche is competitive, so you have to put in the effort to keep your content fresh and interesting.

Having an interesting site with good and updated content is great, but people still have to find that content. Once you have your content, you can register with an affiliate company and that is where you get the ads to put on your site. There is also Google ads that you can register for, but the downside is you have no control over the content and they don’t pay much.

If you don’t mind the Google ads on your site it might be worth putting up with. But once you get signed up, you can start putting the ads on your site. This is where most site owners fail though. Once you get the affiliate ads placed, you are not done, in fact you have only begun.

You must promote your site to get readers to come. One way to do this is to have an e-book, or some other piece of information, that is valuable and that can be downloaded free. You may sell your own products otherwise, but a free offer is enticing. Also in the process you need to collect email addresses, and you can get those in exchange for the free download you gave.

With a batch of addresses you can create a mailing list, and send out regular letters to that list to promote your site and what it offers. Be careful to not do this too much because that would be spamming. Once or twice a month is generally a good guideline.

There are also other ways to promote your site. One way is to post comments on forums with a link back to your site. You need to become an authority, or expert, in your niche. For instance, if your niche is fishing, you could become the guru on artificial lures.

Post comments on fishing sites that offer good information with a link to your site, and that can help drive traffic. As an affiliate marketer, you are driving traffic to an advertiser who is going to pay you, but you must also get traffic to come to your site in the first place in order to make that happen.

Experts agree that you should only promote a few products on your site. It might be tempting to offer your readers hundreds of products, but realize the ads get cluttered and the reader is likely to be on your site only a short time. If it is too cluttered with ads, that time may be even shorter. Also, think about other ways to promote the affiliate product. Putting it on your site or blog is good, but also put them in Google Adwords, and in emails you send.

Another tip is to constantly measure how well the ads are doing. If no one is clicking on the ads, you need to change them after giving it some time. Keep track also of the demand for various products in your niche. If there is a trend, then focus on those types of ads.

It is possible the to make some money online as an affiliate marketer. Just realize it will not happen overnight, and there is a fair amount of work involved. Do some solid research, find a niche that interests you, and get to work. Patience, perseverance and productivity are the keys to making it be a success.


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