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When it comes to online freelance platforms, Fiverr is among the greatest online outsourcing websites in the world. This online marketplace was founded in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. Online users in need of IT tech support, Graphic artists, blog writing, video editing, etc come to fiver to look for them. It is no wonder why Fiverr chose to introduce an affiliate program to assist in promoting the services offered.

Fiverr Affiliate Program allows Fiverr users to refer other people to Fiverr and earn a bonus for just doing that. You send them a link that directs them to Fiverr, which tracks if the referrals make an order for some Fiverr service. The system automatically acknowledges the order as your referral and you get paid some amount of money for advertising the services available on Fiverr.

Users on Fiverr are either clients or freelancers. The types of services supported by this renown online business platform are very many. On Fiverr you can find services like:

l  Audio and music

l  Business

l  Online marketing

l  Fun and lifestyle

l  Graphic design

l  IT tech services

l  Translation

l  Video editing and animation

l  Writing

Whatever you want to be helped with, Fiverr may have some choices for you. Their gigs are low cost. Yes, low cost gigs can still make you some money, but it is definitely better to promote higher-priced services to your traffic.


l  Freelancing is gradually becoming a huge industry, and more work is being done online as opposed to the normal physical office setting, therefore Fiverr Affiliate Program is a great market to get into.

l  Fiverr is known worldwide by many people, so getting people to visit your link and buy services on Fiverr is not that hard.


l  This program does not allow earning of recurring commissions.

l  Their affiliate portal doesn’t have sufficient tools such as customized URLs and banners, which may help to advertise Fiverr’s services better.

Who is it for?

This program is for people who use Fiverr as business owners, entrepreneurs, or bloggers who want to make a commission when they refer other customers to Fiverr’s services. You can use Fiverr to acquire services and still make money by referring other guys to your most-liked services and freelancers via the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

Training/tools overview

It is a good idea to join Fiverr and use it first prior to promoting it. After creating an account, you can apply to become an affiliate. At the bottom of Fiverr’s website you will find an “Become an affiliate” link which will let you apply. There are no set requirements for signing up, but you’ll have to verify your email.

You should not that to join this affiliate program, you must have a valid website or blog that’s committed to providing information on online services.

Once you are successfully signed up, you’ll be able to access the Affiliate portal. On the landing page, you will view the analytics of your account. Click on “Marketing Tools” to access your individual affiliate link, which is the URL you will use to advertise Fiverr’s services.

Don’t forget to the “Account” settings and select your payment mode to ensure that you will get your earnings from referrals.


The best way to get Fiverr help is by visiting Fiverr Online Help-desk. You can also email Customer Support at

Fiverr International Limited has its head office at 14 Ha Melacha St., Binyamina 30500, Israel. There corporate phone number 72-54-484-3988.


On the Fiverr Affiliate Program, affiliates earn a flat rate Commission Per Action (CPA), meaning that once a client does a certain action, you earn a commission. In other words, when you refer new clients to Fiverr’s services, you’ll earn a one-time payment after the person finished their purchase for that particular service.

The following list shows the Commission Per Action (CPA) based on different categories on the Fiverr affiliate program.

1.        Video & Animation category

l  Whiteboard & Explained Videos: $50

l  Animated Characters & Modeling: $40

l  Lyric & Music Videos: $30

l  Spokespersons & Testimonials:$25

2.        Writing & Translation category

l  Research & Summaries: $40

l  Creative Writing:$25

3.        Programming & Tech

l  Website Builders & CMS: $40

l  Word Press: $25

l  E commerce: $25

l  Web Programming: 25

4.        Graphic & Design category

l  3D & 2D Models: $30

l  Presentation Design: $30

l  Web & Mobile Design: $30

5.        Life Style

l  Online Private Lessons: $30

6.        Digital Marketing

l  Local Listings: $25

7.        All other sub-categories not mentioned above are priced at $15.

You should note that this is a one-time commission for new clients only and isn’t repeatable for any client. Also, users who have made prior purchases on Fiverr do not earn you a commission.

Compared to other online marketplace affiliate pay rates, the commission structure offered by Fiverr is great.

Final Verdict

Fiverr Affiliate Program is a great earning tool for anyone who owns a relevant website that offers how to guides, tips, or any other useful information that can direct users to looking for Fiverr services. This platform is great for those looking for a passive side hustle. This service is totally great for making some income, but it is not so good because there is no opportunity to earn a commission from recurring customers.












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