There are several different advertising services available online for companies to spread the word about their products. Each has its own set of advantages, and as Google AdWords is the largest advertising service on the Internet, there are specific benefits to using Google AdWords over the competition. This is not to say a company should only use Google and not any of the others, as utilizing multiple marketing platforms can often prove beneficial, but AdWords has some choice ways to offer a desirable return on investment.

More Viewers

The fact of the matter is that Google AdWords makes up more online advertising than all other online services combined. This may change eventually, with Facebook ads becoming more popular and Bing holding its own, but Google is not likely to drop from the top spot anytime soon. With more companies using Google to advertise, this opens up the potential to reach more clients and customers. For anyone who is going for sheer number of possible views for a marketing campaign, there is no other service that can come close to touching Google AdWords.

Easy to Manage

In terms of managing a marketing campaign, there is no service easier than Google AdWords. It is possible to create a campaign and promote it with just a few clicks. Of course, the service does provide marketers with the ability to fine-tune just about anything, but ultimately, it does not matter if the marketing is being done by someone brand-new to the world of online marketing or someone who has been doing it for years; catching on to using Google for advertisements is easier than with any other service.

Additional Visibility

Google AdWords is more than just marketing with a name and an Internet link. Google also provides Google Shopping campaigns, where an individual product can be listed on Google, which is great for a company that sells physical items. It also places ads throughout all of the different websites Google owns, including YouTube, Google+, Google Maps and the dozens of other websites Google uses.

Import Product Information

For an established company looking to advertise itself, the company may have hundreds, if not thousands of variations available on its website. For example, if a clothing company sells 100 items, but it has five sizes for each item and also several different colors, a single item might actually have 10 or 20 variables. When entering this information into many online marketing services, it is necessary to type in all of the product details one at a time. This can take forever to do, which is why Google allows the importing of product information through a spreadsheet document. The information can easily be imported into Google AdWords, so instead of taking hours to completely import everything, the user can transfer the material within a matter of minutes.

While each marketing service has its own set of pros, Google AdWords remains one of the very best options out there, which is why small and large businesses alike should look toward AdWords.


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