Facebook has quickly grown into an advertising juggernaut. Not only is it one of the most popular individual websites on the Internet, but it directly makes it possible to reach clients and potential customers by simply having a page for the business. Now, with the help of Facebook ads, it is possible to take a Facebook profile and expand its outreach. There are several different ways to go about doing this. Whether it is bringing potential customers back to the Facebook page or sending them to the company website, there are many perks associated with Facebook Ads that just are not found in Google and Bing.

Multiple Marketing Options

Facebook has traditional ads that are placed along the side of the page and on a user’s wall. Using targeted keywords and key demographics, the content is placed on the walls of users who are most likely to be interested in the product and services. Beyond this, though, the ads are image-based. With most Google and Bing ads, the advertisements are just word-based, but for a company that uses design features, it is important to be able to showcase the designs of the website and the products it sells, which is what helps make Facebook a quality advertising service. Now, Google and Bing do have shopping-based ads, but they use the images directly on the website products, which might not be the images the company wants to use to sell its products.

It is also possible to highlight and promote a post to a company’s Facebook wall. A company might upload a post it wants to share with its followers, such as one about a new product, a promotion or a service. This can be instantly changed into an ad by “promoting” it through Facebook. This way, users other than those following the company will see the promoted post. This way, it is easy to gain more attention.

Less Required Money

For Google Ads and, to a lesser extent, Bing, it is necessary to have a large marketing budget. Oftentimes, with Google, if the targeted keywords are popular, a user might spend several dollars per click. Now, if the company sells larger items such as tractors or furniture, a few dollars per click isn’t that much. However, for a clothing company where a single item might only bring in a net of $15 or so, this kind of cost is often far too expensive. Due to this, being able to market an item for a lower price point can be desirable, and with Facebook Ads, it is possible to do so for as low as $1 a day.

Different Target Options

Due to the information the Facebook social network has, it can alter the marketing of advertisements to a set demographic. This includes not only age range, gender, language and locations, but also interests, education, employment and general behaviors. This makes it possible to fine-tune advertising in ways the other services just can’t do.


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