Google AdWords is by far the most popular form of online advertising found on the Internet. Google has more ad placements than any other service, which is why so many companies and advertisers go with Google. However, it is not necessarily the number of ads that makes a company desirable but the placement and the return on investment. These are both favorable for Bing Ads and help make it a worthwhile advertising option. As both Google and Bing ads are found in different locations online, it is possible to use both, but understanding the advantages of Bing Ads over Google AdWords may help a company decide to only go with Bing or to determine how much money it should use for each advertising option.

Cheaper CPC

With Google AdWords being the big boy in terms of online advertising, more companies choose to advertise with Google, which means there is more competition, and the cost per click goes up because of it. On the flip side, though, as Bing Ads has less competition, it brings down the CPC. This means, a company on a smaller marketing budget can stretch its budget further. In fact, Bing, on average, has a 33.5 percent cheaper CPC than Google.

More Control

A company that sells products either internationally or across the country may want different ads to appear in different time zones at different times of the day. With Google AdWords, this is not possible. Google offers more of a blanket approach, as the ad is going to appear at the same time across the country. Some companies need to differentiate where and when their ads appear, which is where Bing really shines. There are more granular control features on Bing. Now, Google requires the advertiser to set up a network, ad scheduling, language and language for the ad rotation settings at the campaign level. Bing, on the other hand, allows the alterations to be placed on the ad group level, so there are more finite control options.

Target Specific Devices

There are now dozens of different devices and operating systems out there. There are not just desktop computers and mobile devices but iOS, BlackBerry, Android and many others. Now, for some companies, advertising on all of these services is necessary, as the products they sell are universal (such as building equipment). However, for a company that sells Windows Phone-based applications, cases and other direct services, having the ads appear on iOS devices really is a waste, and should someone click on the ad, it is a significant waste of money, as well. With Google AdWords, it is possible to adjust bids for mobile devices, but tablets and smartphones are grouped together, and users are not able to opt out of marketing directly toward desktops. With Bing Ads, a user can target not only just smartphones, but a specific operating system, giving the user complete marketing control.


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