Are you building products that you believe are helpful to others? Are you creating content that you want to share with the world? Do you want to share them and get paid for others to purchase these items from you? Well, Subscribestar may be the right place for you. 

Subscribestar provides you a platform where you are able to publish content and then get paid for it. It is a membership type of platform, so you do have monthly membership fees. It is a really easy service for you to use. You are able to create items and post them to Subscribestar and people can support you. It does not matter what you are creating because Subscribestar does not censor what items or content is posted to their site. 

This is an independent platform that does not make judgments about the work you doing. There are quite a few similar platforms that make determinations about what items should be posted to their site. They are liberal and believe in your freedom of speech. However, you should be aware that they will not allow bullying or attacking people or groups. They also will not allow you to promote items that are illegal on the site. 

Some of the positives about Subscribestar that I would like to highlight are:

This is the platform for creative people to upload the fruits of your labor and get reimbursement for it. It is a platform that is safe for you to use. They are a legitimate site that protects you and keeps your all of your information and money safe. You can trust that they will pay you the money you expect and when you expect to receive it. Their payments to you are always on time. If you ever have a problem, Subscribestar has amazing customer service to help you with all of your concerns. 

It is simple and free to join the Subscribestar platform by becoming a star. All you have to do is fill out a short form, supply your email address and in just a few minutes, you can add content and earn money.  There are fees associated with being a star. It is important that you understand the fee structure before you sign up as a star. They have service fees, but they are fairly low. They usually hang out around 5 percent, but the Subscribestar team can lower the fees at their discretion. This service fee tends to be a little lower than most other platforms. There are some additional services that are available and may require individual fees as a result. 

Once you become a star, you decide on your subscription fee. This is the fee that you are charging for people to subscribe to your account. When they subscribe to your account and pay your fee, there is an expectation you are going to give them something for their fee. For example, you can give them access to content that they cannot find anywhere else. 

Subscribestar also has processing fees. This is a fee that is taken out of each one of the transactions you have. For every subscription that you receive, Subscribestar charges you a fee of 2.9 percent plus $0.3 for every single subscription. This amount is deducted from the money you earn every month. If you receive a pledge from someone that may not subscribe to your account, then Subscribestar charges 5 percent of each pledge. This is also taken out of your monthly earnings. While this platform does charge fees every time you earn money, it does provide you many different ways to earn money. Sometimes, Subscribestar offers bonuses from time to time, such as a bonus when you have 10 subscribers. 

Another important thing to understand is how you get your money. Obviously, earning it is important, but accessing it is just as important. There are many ways you can get your money. You can do any type of bank transfer through ACH to move the money into your bank account. You can use a Transferwise account or a Payoneer payment service. 

When you want to get a payout of your money, Subscribestar charges you a fee that is conveniently called a payout fee. This fee is dependent on how often you request a payout and the amount. It also depends on any fee that your bank charges for the transfer. While the fee is changeable, it will never be below $3. You have to have $150 in your account before you can request a payout. You can request an amount as low as $5. However, before you decide on the amount you want to withdrawal, keep in mind that your financial institution has fees associated with your payout, so you want to make sure your request is high enough to make those fees worth it. You can submit a request every two weeks, so you also want to make sure that you are requesting the amount you need, as you will not be able to request any more money for another two weeks. 

Another great feature of Subscribestar is that you are able to do live stream. You do not need any special accounts such as FaceBook, YouTube, or any other social media account to use this platform or any of the features associated with it. 

Subscribestar allows you to promote adult only content, but they do ask that you are clear about it in your profile so that subscribers understand the type of content you have. They are willing to let you post just about anything you want, however, they want you to stay within the law. They want your content to be original and you should not impersonate anyone else. They recommend that you post as much content as you can, but ask that you do not spam anyone. You should also consider subscribing to other stars so you can support others and see what they are offering. 












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SubscribeStar · July 14, 2020 at 5:14 am

Dear readers and the author of this article,

The article “Subscribestar Review 2020” contains two pieces of misleading information. Please, be aware of the following:

Quote: “Subscribestar allows you to promote adult only content, …”
Truth: No, it is not. SubscribeStar exists in two different forms – and Please, visit both to understand the difference.

Quote: “Another great feature of Subscribestar is that you are able to do live stream.”
Truth: As of July 2020, we don’t have the live stream capabilities within our platform. With that being said, you can publish links to your webstreams in your posts on SubscribeStar. Furthermore, we will be working on implementing the live stream feature and while no ETA for the release is set, we believe this can be done before the end of this year.

Quote: “Sometimes, Subscribestar offers bonuses from time to time, such as a bonus when you have 10 subscribers.”
Truth: There are no “bonuses” we are offering, and never did. However, if you contact us via and communicate your needs or difficulties you’re experiencing with the platform, we will do whatever it takes to solve the issue.

For any questions regarding this comment and other assistance with SubscribeStar onboarding or existing profile, please contact us at

SubscribeStar support team

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