Affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to become an affiliate, which means you can earn money by marketing products for people or companies. ShareASale has been in operation since 2000 and was one of the first online affiliate programs. It is now one of the largest networks with over 3,000 merchants. About a quarter of the merchants are exclusive to ShareASale.

Who Uses It?

Anyone can use ShareASale, it does not matter if you are a company or an individual. If you are interested in marketing products that belong to someone else to other potential consumers. Your goal is to entice consumers to buy a product and link them to it from your website. If they make a purchase as a result, you receive a percentage of the money that was made.

Significant Features

ShareASale has been around for 20 years and continues to enhance their features. They have learned quite a few things in all their years and you have the benefit of their knowledge.

  • They have a simple process to sign up process that contains five steps and takes only minutes.
  • It has enhanced search features. You can filter your search by keywords, merchant, commission, along with many more filtering options.
  • They provide you with PowerRank, which compiles the top 100 merchants on the site right now, and you can sort through just those merchants.


ShareASale offers support over the phone or via email. Customer service is available from 9 am to 6 pm central time. They also provide FAQs on their website so attempt to answer your own questions first.

Pros / Cons

ShareASale offers many features that are great for all those interested in affiliate marketing.


  • You can feel confident in this site as the have a long and respected reputation. They have been successful and continue to build on that every year.
  • They were acquired by an international company, Awin, which has helped them gain even more momentum.
  • They have the largest selection of merchants. With over 4,800 merchants across varying fields, such as fitness, clothing, gifts, and many more, giving you plenty of options from which to choose.
  • You can completely customize your affiliate links. You are able to create shortened URLs so that the links do not appear as really long links on your site.
  • You receive your payments reliably on the 20th day of each month. They are deposited directly in your bank account, if you choose. Money can be sent to banks in different countries.
  • You are able to keep a close eye on your business with a clear report of how your links are working, or not. You are able to customize the reports to show you the information you want.


  • They do not make payouts to PayPal, which does tend to be common affiliate networks.
  • You have to have $50 before you can receive a payout. This is higher than most affiliates.
  • You may find that if you do not reach $50, your account is charged $25. If you cannot reach an amount of $25, your account may be deleted.
  • ShareASale removes merchant accounts without any notice to the affiliates. This may cause you to have broken links on your own site and not even realize it.


For affiliates, payments are sent out on the 20th of the month for the previous month’s commissions. You must have $50 in your account to receive a payout.


To be part of this affiliate network, you have to apply. The staff at ShareASale determines if they want to allow you to be part of their network. They comb through your website and check your numbers. Many are denied the first time, most likely because their numbers are low. After you establish your website, you can apply again and have better luck with being approved.

Final Opinion

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, ShareASale is a great place to start. They strive to improve aspects of their program for both merchants and affiliates. They have impressive customer service and reports that are timely and accurate.

They are one of the largest and most experienced affiliate marketing programs available. Now that they have teamed up with an international network, more opportunities could be coming. Their deep linking, reliable payout, and advances search features make ShareASale worthy of a second look and filling out an application.












  • Many merchent
  • High payout
  • just $50 to get money
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