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The Learnworlds package allows educators to design, market, and sell digital classes all through one flexible online platform. The cloud-based platform is excellent for selling online courses, as well as providing employee and customer training. Both the educators and the learners find this platform intuitive. The easy to use and understand design will have the beginning user designing their first course in minutes. No programming or design skills are needed. Currently, Learnworlds is offering a 30-day free trial, and does not require a credit card number for future billing. Prospective instructors can try the platform without having to remember to “cancel” their account or remove the payment method at the end of the 30 days. The platform is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems, along with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. 

Learnworlds allows online educators to streamline learning content, organize lessons, market their brand, and sell their learning content online. For example, Learnworlds enables educators to turn YouTube videos into actual sellable online courses. Online instructors and bloggers who previously relied on revenue from third-party advertising can sell educational content directly to consumers. Course content can include video, audio, and text. The platform integrates with Mailchimp, Zoom, Zapier, Google Analytics, FOMO, Dropbox, Stripe, Paypal, and many other analytics, e-mail marketing, customer service, and payment tools. 

Learnworlds supports a variety of languages. 

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Learnworlds Features for Marketing an Online School

The Learnworlds platform contains excellent marketing tools, an affiliate program, and step by step instructions for setting up an affiliate program. Several different e-mail marketing applications are compatible with Learnworlds, including MailChimp and Active Campaign. The marketing component also contains lead templates and tracks leads and conversions. In-platform marketing tools expand the school’s audience and increase school revenue. 

Learnworlds Features for Building Online Schools 

Learnworlds provides white page service, allowing customers to use school branding and contact information. The platform contains a library of flexible, attractive layouts. Each school receives landing pages, a course catalog, and the ability to create several courses. Learnworlds provides easy to customize templates for the domain header and footer, which are visible to people visiting the site but have not logged in. After creating a school, when an administrator or instructor logs in, they are automatically viewing the dashboard page for the school. The dashboard contains a wealth of information relating to the courses and the overall school operations. At first, the screen seems cluttered, but account administrators become acclimated quickly.

Clients who enroll in any plan except the “starter plan” can assign access to instructors by specific coarse. Administrators can create a Question Bank, allowing instructors to create quizzes or exams easily. Schools have an integrated social network so learners can make their profile ‘public’ and communicate with other learners online. These features allow users to create and expand their professional networks. 


Courses may contain ebooks, pdf files, videos, youtube videos, audio files, SoundCloud files, and SCORM/HTML package files. Instructors may use the “drip-feed” feature to learners, so the entire course is not accessible at once. The drip-feed feature has two setup options. One option allows all students to receive access to the next batch of content on the same date. The second option triggers access to content by days after the student enrollment date. For example, the newly enrolled student may have access to the introduction and chapter one, but won’t gain access to the second section until seven days after course enrollment. There are also choices for learning paths. The instructor may allow the students to access the activities in any order they choose. 

Course components

Courses contain sections, and each section consists of lessons or activities. After creating the class and uploading content, it is easy to drag and drop the parts of the course, allowing effortless revision of content order. Unfortunately, the platform does not enable the administrator or instructor to use more than one content type per lesson. So a PDF file cannot be contained in the same lesson as a video file. An easy workaround is dividing the lesson into two different activity lines. All content uploads have to originate from the desktop, so although Learnworlds is cloud-based, when uploading a content file from a cloud storage product such as Dropbox, the file would need to be downloaded to the desktop and then uploaded to Learnworlds from there. This requirement reduces the access-from-anywhere advantage of a cloud-based service. 

Each course has metadata fields for search engine accessibility. Learnworlds can automatically extract SEO (search engine optimization) metadata, or the course administrator can manually enter keywords and SEO description.

Plans available – lists of benefits are not complete.

Starter – The starter plan is an excellent choice for individual artists, crafters, or instructors. The plan allows for one instructor and an unlimited number of paid courses with a five-dollar fee for each course sale. Templates are available for three pages, the home page, course catalog, and the after log-in page. 

Pro Trainer – A total of five admins and instructors. No transaction fees and an unlimited number of courses. Complete website builder with blog. Customizable learner certificates to mark progress and completion. Free access to LW academy

Learning Center – Under the Learning Center plan, a school may have up to 20 administrators/instructors. No transaction fees. Integrations with API, free access to LW academy, 2 hours premium onboarding

High Volume and Corporate – No transaction fees, optional service level agreement, premium servers, corporate academy branding, free access to LW academy

Page templates exist for several pages, including the following.

  • Contact Us
  • Our Team
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy
  • Course Catalog
  • Cookie Policy
  • Affiliate Registration
  • Affiliate Program Terms + Conditions
  • Customer Check out Page
  • Thank you page

Although is a very informative website and even contains case studies of actual clients, there is not a sample course available for viewing. To experience a course as a learner would experience it, one has to sign up for the free trial, set up a school, and design or upload part of a course. After doing this, the course is viewable in the “player.” Due to the ease of the platform, this is doable without spending more than an hour or two. Learnworlds has customers in hundreds of industries, including arts and crafts, education, marketing, and software industries. Learnworlds’ stellar reputation includes their friendly customer service team members and user-intuitive platform. You-Tube educators and bloggers will have an easy time using Learnworlds to increase revenues by creating a cohesive online learning experience with a branded online school.


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