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One of the first things to learn about coupons is where to find them. One of the most common places to start are newspapers Many daily and weekly newspapers carry coupons on the weekends. Some feature flyers from different supermarkets and stores that have coupons in the flyer for food and products sold in the store.s Buying a few Sunday newspapers will give you a better selection of coupons for supermarkets and retail stores.

Some newspapers carry manufacturer coupon inserts with coupons from companies like Procter and Gamble, Purina, Tide, Kleenex, Dole and other name brands. These coupons can be used in multiple stores. If a coupon is only for a particular store this means it can be only used in that store. The coupons  will often be for different values from 50 cents to a few dollars off.  Look at them carefully for expiration dates and how many products must be purchased to get the full amount off.

Weekly papers are produced often in smaller towns. They often come at the end of the week in the mail. They have coupons supplements inside.  They contain coupons in weekly advertising supplements on certain brands.  Check them weekly for savings and flyers with manufacturer and store coupons.

Coupons in Retail Stores

When you shop at the local supermarket or retail store coupons are  located right in the store.  Some shelves have machines with coupons that are dispensed to consumers.  They are free and often have  manufacturer coupons. Only take a few coupons don’t empty the machine.  Look at  the expiration date and save them for a sale on the product in the store. Often they are put on the shelf when a sale is not going on. These coupons are often restocked in the store and change frequently.

When you buy products often the boxes  or containers have coupons on them or inside . It can be dog food, diapers, coffee, or almost any product.  Some products packages  come with coupons that can be peeled off. This is especially popular with laundry products and dishwashing detergents.  This coupons often have a high value and save you money on your next purchase. Some coupons are hung around the product on the shelf. These are just a few place to look for coupons in the stores.

Finally many stores have their own in store coupon booklets and flyers. They often contain both manufacturer and store coupons to use. They often can be used at other stores especially the manufacturer coupons.  A store is a good source of coupons if you know where to look for them.

Online Coupons

There are many websites that have printable coupons online. Most often you will have to register with the site and provide a name, address,  phone number, and email address to register. Often you will have to setup a user ID and password to access the site.  Once you do this you will  be able to find printable coupons from known manufacturers and stores.  If you want manufacturers coupons most companies have them on their website.  Most stores and restaurants have printable coupons on the website that consumers can print once registered. Sometimes they even send them to you via email.

Some of the best printable coupon sites online are Coupons.com,  SmartSouce.com, RedPlum.com,  RetailMeNot.com, and others. Look for sites with variety of coupons for saving on all type of products. When you register it might be good idea to use an alternative email to keep it separate from your regular one. This is because with registering on sites you will get spam. Printable coupons are often monitored by your IP address so there is a limit to the amount you can use.

Many printable online coupons have shorter expiration dates so check carefully before printing.  Most have printing software you will have to use. This is  to control the amount of coupons each consumer uses.  Some have pop up ads and cookies that must be  allowed to print coupons.

Mobile Coupons

With cell phones and tablets mobile coupons are becoming more common.  They are electronic tickets or coupons delivered by mobile phone for discounts on products.  Most mobile coupons require some type of activation to be used. Sometimes, users have to download an application on the website and then activate it to get mobile coupon. Some require a code to get a coupon or  email address. Some mobile coupons are received through Bluetooth devices.

Downloadable applications allow the merchant to send the mobile coupons to the customer. Often through email the company sends a printable coupon or code that can be used.  Often mobile coupons can be scanned in stores from the customers’s smart phone. They require no paper or ink. Primarily, they are sent via Text message or downloaded using a special smartphone applications.

Organizing and Using Coupons

One important fact is that if you use printable coupons you need to store them in something.  Always read them before clipping or printing. Look at expiration dates and type of items sold. Try to clip only coupons for product you will really use.  Check terms or conditions do you have to buy one or two to get $4.00 off. Sometimes coupons save you money other times they do not. If you have to buy 3 to get $1.50 off it may not be worth it.

An accordion file will work well for someone who clips many coupons and sorts them alphabetically. When shopping carry only those that you plan to use that day. An empty shoe box might work well for those that clip weekly in small quantities. A small empty zipper purse that fits inside a pocket book is designed for coupons. . That means that when you shop you can pull out the coupons to use with the product or food items you plan to purchase.

Understanding Bar Codes on Coupons

If a coupon bar code start with a 5 or 9 it is a manufacturers coupon.  If it does not start with these numbers and you get the coupons in a  store than it is a  store coupon. It has to be used in the store where you found it.  The barcode tell the computer when scanned how much off the coupon is worth and how many items need to be purchased. When a coupon begins with a 5 it often be doubled. If the first number is 9 this means it cannot be doubled.  This is important  info to tell the difference between store and manufacturer coupons.

When using a coupon read the amount off,  number of items required to purchase before using, and always check the expiration date.

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