Patreon is a website that was created by a YouTube musician who was frustrated that the millions of likes on his videos wasn’t translating into dollars into his bank account. He wanted something better for himself and his fellow artists. He helped create Patreon to give artists a place for a creative outlet to display their art and best of all, get paid for it. Since it was created in 2013, it has grown to over 100,000 active creators and 2 million active patrons.

Patrons are people who are willing to pay to view the artistic endeavors from creators that they like. Patrons understand the value of paying to gain access to work by these creators. Patreon opens up a new world to creators and their fans that want to follow them. Creators get to set their own payment scale. They can share items that are public to anyone, but then provide special items to only their patrons, like early access to songs, or poems. Creators can provide one of a kind art on a regular basis to their patrons. The pay scale can be as little as $1 per month, or per post, however the creator would like to charge.

The Patreon website revolutionizes the way artists share their work with the world. It is user friendly and simple to use. One first needs to become a creator and set up profile and preferences. The website walks you through each step. As a creator, you receive a dashboard which allows you to track your earnings, posts and patronage, among other things. You are in complete control of your posts and what you offer to your patrons. There is a help page that walks each creator through his entire dashboard.

As a Patron, you get to join your favorite creator(s) community and pay them to continue to create what you love. This also allows you to support artists. You pay per post, or per month, based on how the creator has it set. If it’s by post, you can put a limit on how much you pay per month, so you are in control of how much you’re paying.

It’s a win win for both the creator and the patron. The creator is able to be supported financially and continue to create. The patron is able to support the creator(s) they love.

Product Name: Fiverr Affiliate Program

Price: 0

Owners: Fiverr International Limited



When it comes to online freelance platforms, Fiverr is among the greatest online outsourcing websites in the world. This online marketplace was founded in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. Online users in need of IT tech support, Graphic artists, blog writing, video editing, etc come to fiver to look for them. It is no wonder why Fiverr chose to introduce an affiliate program to assist in promoting the services offered.

Fiverr Affiliate Program allows Fiverr users to refer other people to Fiverr and earn a bonus for just doing that. You send them a link that directs them to Fiverr, which tracks if the referrals make an order for some Fiverr service. The system automatically acknowledges the order as your referral and you get paid some amount of money for advertising the services available on Fiverr.

Users on Fiverr are either clients or freelancers. The types of services supported by this renown online business platform are very many. On Fiverr you can find services like:

l  Audio and music

l  Business

l  Online marketing

l  Fun and lifestyle

l  Graphic design

l  IT tech services

l  Translation

l  Video editing and animation

l  Writing

Whatever you want to be helped with, Fiverr may have some choices for you. Their gigs are low cost. Yes, low cost gigs can still make you some money, but it is definitely better to promote higher-priced services to your traffic.


l  Freelancing is gradually becoming a huge industry, and more work is being done online as opposed to the normal physical office setting, therefore Fiverr Affiliate Program is a great market to get into.

l  Fiverr is known worldwide by many people, so getting people to visit your link and buy services on Fiverr is not that hard.


l  This program does not allow earning of recurring commissions.

l  Their affiliate portal doesn’t have sufficient tools such as customized URLs and banners, which may help to advertise Fiverr’s services better.

Who is it for?

This program is for people who use Fiverr as business owners, entrepreneurs, or bloggers who want to make a commission when they refer other customers to Fiverr’s services. You can use Fiverr to acquire services and still make money by referring other guys to your most-liked services and freelancers via the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

Training/tools overview

It is a good idea to join Fiverr and use it first prior to promoting it. After creating an account, you can apply to become an affiliate. At the bottom of Fiverr’s website you will find an “Become an affiliate” link which will let you apply. There are no set requirements for signing up, but you’ll have to verify your email.

You should not that to join this affiliate program, you must have a valid website or blog that’s committed to providing information on online services.

Once you are successfully signed up, you’ll be able to access the Affiliate portal. On the landing page, you will view the analytics of your account. Click on “Marketing Tools” to access your individual affiliate link, which is the URL you will use to advertise Fiverr’s services.

Don’t forget to the “Account” settings and select your payment mode to ensure that you will get your earnings from referrals.


The best way to get Fiverr help is by visiting Fiverr Online Help-desk. You can also email Customer Support at

Fiverr International Limited has its head office at 14 Ha Melacha St., Binyamina 30500, Israel. There corporate phone number 72-54-484-3988.


On the Fiverr Affiliate Program, affiliates earn a flat rate Commission Per Action (CPA), meaning that once a client does a certain action, you earn a commission. In other words, when you refer new clients to Fiverr’s services, you’ll earn a one-time payment after the person finished their purchase for that particular service.

The following list shows the Commission Per Action (CPA) based on different categories on the Fiverr affiliate program.

1.        Video & Animation category

l  Whiteboard & Explained Videos: $50

l  Animated Characters & Modeling: $40

l  Lyric & Music Videos: $30

l  Spokespersons & Testimonials:$25

2.        Writing & Translation category

l  Research & Summaries: $40

l  Creative Writing:$25

3.        Programming & Tech

l  Website Builders & CMS: $40

l  Word Press: $25

l  E commerce: $25

l  Web Programming: 25

4.        Graphic & Design category

l  3D & 2D Models: $30

l  Presentation Design: $30

l  Web & Mobile Design: $30

5.        Life Style

l  Online Private Lessons: $30

6.        Digital Marketing

l  Local Listings: $25

7.        All other sub-categories not mentioned above are priced at $15.

You should note that this is a one-time commission for new clients only and isn’t repeatable for any client. Also, users who have made prior purchases on Fiverr do not earn you a commission.

Compared to other online marketplace affiliate pay rates, the commission structure offered by Fiverr is great.

Final Verdict

Fiverr Affiliate Program is a great earning tool for anyone who owns a relevant website that offers how to guides, tips, or any other useful information that can direct users to looking for Fiverr services. This platform is great for those looking for a passive side hustle. This service is totally great for making some income, but it is not so good because there is no opportunity to earn a commission from recurring customers.

Product Name: SEOprofiler

Price: $99 – $1999 per month

Owners: Axandra GmbH



SEOprofiler is the oldest SEO software that provides better search engine rankings, more visitors, more clicks and more sales since 1997. There are more than 126000 active SEOprofiler users. SEOprofiler is the main product of the German internet marketing company named Axandra GmbH. They are improving SEOprofiler on a daily basis. They are providing many tools and features on the service that can help in getting high ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. With SEOprofiler you get SEO tools for link analysis, web page optimization, link building, keyword research and so on. It supports multi-user accounts and you can work with your whole team at the same time. The users say that SEOprofiler is easy to use and very helpful in providing high-quality content on their websites. You only need one hour per day to increase the number of the clicks and sales on your site, using SEOprofiler. This service works in every country, but only with the sites that are written in a Roman letter (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and so on).


Many users think that SEOprofiler is great software that can help with the job and will save time and money. The service provides a full feature SEO software tools that are very useful for creating a top-rated content for the websites. SEOprofiler is:

  • Easy to use and understand

  • Comprehensive

  • Effective

With SEOprofiler you can use the SEO and ranking tools that are included in the price pack. Even the beginners in the website business can use SEOprofiler effectively.

After the registration on SEOprofiler, the user gets a 30-day trial period. After that, they will have to choose between various price packs that can cost up to $1999. Some of the users find the prices very high and they stop using SEOprofiler after the trial period. The free trial version is very limited with the tools and features.

Who is it for:

SEOprofiler can be used by everyone that have a website, for better search engine rankings. It is the best SEO solution for a small businesses, companies, online marketers or individual website owners.

Training/tools overview:

Basically, SEOprofiler includes these tools and features:

  • Backlink analysis

  • Local Rank Tracking

  • Social media integration

  • White-Label reports

  • Website audit

  • Keyword research

  • AdWords intelligence

  • Link analysis

  • Link building

  • Ranking monitor and intelligence

With the Ranking monitor, you can check for which keywords your site is ranked, how many searches per keyword you have, from which countries come the most clicks and how the ranking changes in time.

The Website audit checks the website from errors that can have a negative influence on the site ranking. With this tool, you can erase the errors, discover technical issues and solve them and eliminate the spelling mistakes.

With the Keyword research tool, you can find the most attractive keywords and the right way to use them in your articles. With the right keywords, you will attract more visitors to your site.

You want to know what are people talking about your site or business on Facebook? Start using the Social Media monitor and you will have a complete look into everything that is written for you on the social media platforms.


SEOprofiler has a contact customer service that is available 24/7 for the members of the service through the ticket system

. The users also can contact Axandra GmbH directly. There is also a great base of the most asked questions with full answers. The member of SEOprofiler can find the answers to many questions there, including general questions, technical questions, tool FAQ-s and all the questions about the pricing, ordering, and billing. SEOprofiler employees care about the public opinion and every user can contact them to tell their opinion and to help with the improving of the service.


SEOprofiler comes with a 30-day trial. The trial version is very limited in the tools and features and you can try to use just a few of them. Also, the free pack works great with those who want to learn the basics of the good SEO as a way of increasing the online business. After that, you can choose between 4 SEOprofiler packs:

  1. Freelancer pack that costs $99.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 500 keywords; audit of 40000 pages; 10 projects and white-label reports.

  2. Agency pack that costs $199.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 1000 words; audit of 100000 pages; 50 projects; 5 users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

  3. Corporate pack that costs $499.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 2500 words; audit for 300000 pages; 150 projects; 15 users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

  4. Ultimate pack that costs $1999. 95 per month and includes: daily ranking of 10000 keywords; audit for 1500000 pages; unlimited number of projects and users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

The user can change the pack at the moment they want. They only need to cancel the old plan and to subscribe to the new one. Every saved information about the previous projects are available also with the new plan. Be careful if your new plan supports the same features as the old one, because you may lose some important data with the plan changing.

Final opinion/verdict:

SEOprofiler is a proven and reliable way to increase your page visits and clicks and get better rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEOprofiler provides many tools and features that can help you to have great rankings and better sales and income from your website. Everyone can use SEOprofiler because it provides solutions for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and big enterprises. SEOprofiler is also good for professional use. You will have a great benefit of registering your website to SEOprofiler.

Reasons for a Writer

There is a competitive world out there. Not even the SEO geeks can over-ride the minds of people and make them accept poorly made content. The planet is simply not made nor designed that way. The best strategies for optimization don’t cut it when compared to the demands and value of solid content that people can actually read and find useful. You can also bet that someone out there is making quite a bit of content that is concise, valuable and beating out the competition in an economy so heavily moved by communications.

Proper communications

This means that you can benefit from proper communications too when understanding the importance of having a writer on your team. Those penmen will help you research, phrase and format documents so that they are better applied for Internet use and reader comprehension.

A well trained scribe will also know the best ways to market email campaigns or social media presences across all platforms that are accessible. This environment requires a combination of forces utilized by someone with experience in content creation, and this is knowledge that cannot be underestimated in an atmosphere primarily focused on technology. Technology moves fast and requires those who have deep knowledge of it to know where it has moved to and where it is directed to regarding future use. Updated writers who work in today’s media understand these intricacies on a daily basis as they should. Those are the writers you want to hire and help you execute content marketing strategies.

Right credentials

These are all reasons to find the right person for a job. With the right credentials, the skills of a scribe will allow them to take command of the English language and to condense the expectations of their clients so that readers understand large concepts in very few words.

Professional writer

Having what is roughly a perfect presentation of syntax, grammar and punctuation is only a by product of hiring a professional writer. The vast collection of today’s media outlets are used by an array of competing businesses, and the little details of each content’s source will make or break a message being made to readers. So a question to always ask when deciding on hiring a scribe is: “Can I afford to not hire this writer”?

The relationship between a business and its consumer is not rocket science. It is done through a formal process of communications that begins when a company or its product becomes branded in the public’s eye. At that point, it is implied that people are aware and know of the brand at hand. Branding then and any further advertisement or call to actions made afterward can all be done with the help of a competent writer.

Heavily driven by communications

Since modern business markets are so heavily driven by communications, nothing quite out does the method of communications that is routinely found in writing. Words do not always require fancy graphics, extra money being pumped into photo shoots or big name endorsements on a product design. With a wordsmith on board, a company can express to readers all they need regarding a product or how that product can be helpful to their lives.

It will take creativity and always does, but that only shows the importance of hiring a professional to do the job. Text as a medium of advertisement alone can be inexpensive compared to other campaigns. It can even be tracked in quick regard to the monitoring of results for certain displays and word usages. A professional writer will know these—all the more reason to hire one for your staff or project.



Review 2017

Posted on: August 8, 2017

Product name: Aweber

Overall Ranking: 9.2/10

Price: $19 / $29 / $49 / $69/ $149


Email marketing brings better communication, is cost-effective and easily pinpoints particular target groups. You can send ads, solicit business or request donations, by email.

Some people want to know which marketing service is best for their organization.

AWeber Communications is a popular email marketing service. The company performs well in most areas of email marketing and is well-known for its excellent autoresponders.

Aweber is used by more than 100,000 organizations all over the world. It presents many online tools to help businesses stay in touch with customers and prospective customers prospects through email.

Who uses it?

This email service is great for people who are looking for the tools and features they need to expand their business.

Users can reach many customers at once by sending out batches of emails.

Significant Features:

Form Builder- Forms are an important element when it comes to compiling a subscriber list. With Aweber’s form builder, you can quickly add a form to your website.

  • Simple analytics- Aweber uses simple graphs to collect and track clients. You will know when a customer opens a message, what links are used, and how many clients unsubscribed.


  • Performance monitoring- statistics are tracked with simple charts.


  • Autoresponders-autoresponders automatically send messages to new customers. The autoresponder is easy and intuitive, with many choices for users.


  • Email templates-you have a choice of many professional-looking templates


  • Subscriber segmentation lists- Segmenting enables users to direct emails to their customers in accordance with their location


  • Knowledge Base- the Knowledge Base contains several how-to guides to help you with your email marketing.


  • Drag and Drop Editor- the Drag and Drop Editor easily creates automated emails so you can write professional email marketing newsletters


  • RSS to email- the RSS to email function automatically creates emails from blog posts.


  • Broadcast Archives- with the Broadcast Archives, you can host your emails on the internet. The design of the Broadcast Archives has been updated to provide better mobile function.


  • Email marketing guides-a series of free email marketing guides are offered. These sequential guides provide much useful information and there is also a checklist for beginners


  • Newsletters-email newsletters will automatically deliver messages to new subscribers.


  • Aweber Stats App allows the user to check email marketing performance remotely. The two mobile apps offered provide quick access to tracking features and enable allow users to edit their subscriber lists. The user can also add pictures from their mobile devices.


Telephone support is always available. Get the help you need when you need it from our live customer solutions technicians, by chat or by telephone.


The general opinion is that Aweber is great for people who are looking for the tools and features they need to expand their business or organization. Aweber meets all of a user’s email marketing needs at a competitive price.


  • The software provides superb auto responder capabilities. Personal and timely messages are forwarded to your clients and this improves communication and enhances the sharing of information.


  • There are many integration options.


  • Webinars-regular live webinars are included, as well as webinar courses. The courses use real-time instruction from AWeber experts and a question and answer section.


  • Easy report access- it’s easy to bring up charts that will show how many people opened your emails and how many links within your message were accessed. You can bring up information about your subscribers, including their location and details on which customers unsubscribed from your list.


  • Follow up Emails – One of Aweber provides support for an automatic autoresponder. Users can create campaigns that send out emails at intervals.
  • Easy to Use –AWeber is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Great Customer Service –fast, helpful, and personal customer service.
  • Website Integration – The system provides easy integration with other software programs and also integrates with popular social media sites.


  • AWeber now provides a great new feature which gives the user the ability to add video to the email messages they send to their subscribers


  • The Aweber email service offers limited data importing capabilities. It could provide more when it comes to importing contacts but this is a common issue and will not present a big problem for most users. AWeber does provide a manual text-based upload and a spreadsheet upload. If you plan to use either of these options, you will need to extract the information manually.
  • Price – Some users feel that the price is too high for many small organizations, especially those that don’t need all the functions AWeber offers.
  • Previewing Some users have reported that the emails look different in the inboxes than they appear in the preview.
  • Users recommend sending a few test emails.


  • Downtime- the service sometimes has significant downtime issues with occasional 24 hour outages. However, downtimes are now becoming less frequent.


  • UI Problems –The UI configuration is sometimes harder to use than some of the other options on the market.


Monthly, quarterly and annual billing options are available.

Choose from these price options:


$19.00 a month includes up to 500 subscribers


$29.00 a month includes up to 2500 subscribers


$49.00 a month includes: up to 5,000 subscribers


$69.00 a month includes: Up to 10,000 subscribers


$149.00 a month includes: up to subscribers 25,000


You can also get a free trial with access to all features.



  • When you choose an email service, understand the pricing options. Know the limits of your budget. Email marketing can be costly. Aweber offers several basic pricing plans, but the less expensive plans do not include all features.


  • Choose a provider with custom templates. This will add flexibility and help you easily configure your emails.


  • Segmenting enables users to direct emails to their customers in accordance with their location.


  • Pick an email service that integrates with other applications.


  • It’s a good idea to send a few test emails before dispatching email messages to clients.


  • Get good 24/7 customer service. You will want a group of knowledgeable, skilled technicians who will be there when you need them. The technicians should be available through phone, email or live chat to answer your questions and help resolve your issues.


  • Test it before you buy it. Get a 30-day free trial when possible.

Final opinion/verdict

Each asset mentioned above is a part of the Aweber service. Aweber offers several pricing options, plus a free trial. They provide 24/7 customer service by phone, email and/or live chat. Custom template designs and segmentation are available, as are many integration capabilities.

You can order your first month for free and get instant access to your new campaign. Aweber accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

AWeber has some very nice features. The autoresponder is easy and intuitive, with many choices for users. AWeber now provides a great new feature which gives the user the ability to add video to the email messages they send to their subscribers.

Aweber meets all the email marketing standards. It will help you keep current customers while ferreting out new clients. With Aweber, you will be able to track performance and monitor the success of your marketing campaign. Aweber brings a lot to the table. The analytics, integration and reporting capabilities are a step above those of the other companies.

Remember, when you use email communication, you can send ads, solicit business or request donations; and you can send batches of emails all at once. Email marketing is convenient and cost-effective and it easily pinpoints particular target groups.

Find the marketing service that is best for your organization. AWeber Communications is used by many people all over the world. The company performs well and is it is known for its excellent autoresponders. Aweber has many online tools to help businesses stay in touch with their customers through email.